Version 23.4.8839


Version 23.4.8839

The arc:render keyword allows you to render templates.


  • template: The .rst file to be evaluated.
  • templateData: The in-memory template to be evaluated.
  • in[put]: A comma-separated list of items to pass into the template.
  • out[put]: The resulting item or feed.
  • to: The attribute to push the result into. Note that you can also save the result by wrapping the arc:render statement with a multiline arc:set.
  • onerror: The action to perform when an error is encountered in a template. Set onerror to “clear” to call and render a template only if there was no exception.

Control Attributes



Catch an exception so that the main template can render the rest of the content:

<table border="1">
    <arc:render template="error.rst">
      <arc:catch code="*">
        <a name="caught">
        A problem was encountered with the template
    <!-- Ensure that tags are closed -->

Render an in-memory template:

<arc:setc attr="a.t" value="this is [name]."/>
<arc:set attr="" value="a test" />
<arc:set item="r" />
<arc:render templateData="[a.t]" in="i" to="r.text" />

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