Validate Connector

Version 23.0.8517

Validate Connector

Validate Connectors perform an XML validation step in order to catch invalid XML before it causes an error later in the Flow.


Validate Connectors are configured with one or more rules that determine whether input XML is considered valid. Valid XML input will successfully pass through the connector, while XML files that fail validation will throw an error and not be passed along in the Flow. Adding a validation step helps prevent

Validation rules are configured with an xpath, a condition operator, and a target value. For each configured rule, the connector checks the value from the input XML against the target value to see if it is considered valid. More information can be found in the Validation Rules section.

Connector Configuration

This section contains all of the configurable connector properties.

Settings Tab


  • Connector Id The static name of the connector. All connector-specific files are contained in a folder by the same name within the Data Directory.
  • Connector Description An optional field to provide free-form description of the connector and its role in the flow.

The Validation section allows for adding and configuring an arbitrary number of rules and groups of rules. Input XML will be considered valid if it conforms to all of the configured rules. More information can be found in the Validation Rules section.

Other Settings

Settings not included in the previous categories.

  • Log Subfolder Scheme Instructs the connector to group files in the Logs folder according to the selected interval. For example, the Weekly option instructs the connector to create a new subfolder each week and store all logs for the week in that folder. The blank setting tells the connector to save all logs directly in the Logs folder. For connectors that process many transactions, using subfolders helps keep logs organized and improves performance.
  • Log Messages Whether the log entry for a processed file will include a copy of the file itself.
  • Save to Sent Folder Whether files processed by the connector should be copied to the Sent folder for the connector.


Miscellaneous settings are for specific use cases.

  • Other Settings Enables you to configure hidden connector settings in a semicolon-separated list (for example, setting1=value1;setting2=value2). Normal connector use cases and functionality should not require the use of these settings.


Settings related to the automatic processing of files by the connector.

  • Send Whether messages arriving at the connector will automatically be processed.

Validation Rules

Each Validation rule is configured with an xpath, an operator, and a target value. The connector reads the value at the configured xpath and compares it against the target value using one of the following operators:

  • Equals
  • Not equals
  • Greater than
  • Less than
  • Great than or equal to
  • Less than or equal to
  • Contains
  • Begins with
  • Ends with
  • Regex match
  • Glob pattern match

Rules can be grouped together with the boolean operators AND and OR. Input XML will only be considered valid if all validation rules (or groups of rules) are satisfied.

If the xpath configured in a rule is not found in the input XML, then the validation will automatically fail. In other words, if the connector is not able to read a value for a rule’s xpath, the input file will not pass the rule.