Query Your API

Version 23.4.8839

Query Your API

After creating resources for your API, you can expose them to authorized users and IP addresses. Arc uses auth token-based authentication and supports the major authentication schemes. Click the Users tab to manage auth tokens and permissions for users. To define the IP addresses allowed to access the application, click the Server tab.

You can now query your API in the browser, as shown in the example query and response below.




    { "Id": "10001", "Model": "MyModel1", "Color": "Red" },
    { "Id": "10002", "Model": "MyModel2", "Color2": "Blue" },

Overriding HTTP Methods

Some clients might not be capable of issuing the correct HTTP method for a specific operation. You can use the @x-http-method query string input parameter or the X-HTTP-Method HTTP header to override the HTTP method for a request. For example, a client that does not support the HTTP PUT method can include the X-HTTP-Method: PUT header with a GET request to issue an update request for a resource.