Version 23.4.8839


Creates the directory specified by the path.

Required Parameters

  • path: The fully qualified path of the directory to create (for example, /tmp/mydirectory).

Optional Parameters

  • force: Controls whether the operation creates missing directories in the path set in the path parameter. The allowed values are true and false. The default is true.

Output Attributes

  • file:path: The full path to the newly created directory.
  • file:cdate: The date and time the directory was created.


<!-- Creating an input item with the path attribute --> 
<arc:set attr="input.path" value="/tmp/foo/bar/newdir"/>
<!-- Calling fileMakeDir and passing in the input item -->
<arc:call op="fileMakeDir" in="input" out="result">
  <!-- Optional: Logging information about the created directory to the application log -->
  <arc:set attr="" value="A new directory located at [result.file:path], was created at [result.file:cdate]."/>