Version 23.3.8698


Version 23.3.8698

CData Arc is a web application, and can be hosted using the embedded web server included with the installation or on an external web server. This section contains information on server and application administration.

Server Configuration

This section contains information relevant to hosting the application via a web server:

  • Embedded web server configuration
  • External web server deployment
  • System requirements

Logs Page

This section details the various types of logs that can be found on the Logs page:

  • Messages
  • Transactions
  • Application
  • Access
  • Audit


This section describes how to set up multiple instances of Arc to process the same data and use the same configuration. This allows for a load-balanced or high-availability setup.

DMZ Gateway

This section explains how Arc can be hosted in a out-of-network site like the cloud to prevent the need to expose your internal network to outside traffic.

Separate API Endpoints

This section explains how Arc can host publically-accessible endpoints on different ports that the main application configuration console. This adds a layer of security redundancy to prevent external parties from gaining access to the application configuration.