Version 24.1.8910


The same list of user accounts that can log in to CData Sync directly is used to manage Sync API access. Each user that is created within the application can be granted an authorization (auth) token that is used to authenticate to the Sync API. A list of authorized users and associated auth tokens are available by selecting Settings > Users in the administration console.

You can use auth tokens within API requests to perform the following actions:

  • Include an x-cdata-authtoken header in the HTTP request with the value set to an appropriate user’s authorization token

  • Treat the user and auth token as a username-password combination for HTTP basic authentication.

  • Include the auth token in the request URL as a query parameter.

Using the Auth-Token Header for Authentication

To use the auth-token header (x-cdata-authtoken) as the method for authentication:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the Sync navigation pane.

  2. Click Add User to open the Add User dialog box (or select … > Edit to open the Edit User dialog box for an existing user).

  3. In the resulting dialog box, select the API Access checkbox to display an auth token. (Copy this token to a safe place because the token is not shown again. If you lose or delete your auth token, you must create a new one.)

  4. Click Add User to save the user and exit the dialog box (or click Save to save edits if you are in the Edit User dialog box).

Including the Auth Token in the Request URL

To include the auth token in the request URL, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings icon to open the Settings page.

  2. Click the Admin API tab.

  3. In the Additional Settings, click Edit. Then, select Enable under Authtoken in URL.

  4. Click Save to exit the dialog box and save your selection.

The syntax of the auth-token query parameter is @authtoken=MyAuthTokenValue.