Starting the Server

Version 24.2.8969

Starting the Server

CData Sync is built on top of an application framework that provides web services, authentication, encryption, and automation facilities. Sync comes bundled with a web server, built on top of Eclipse Jetty, to support simple cross-platform deployment. This stand-alone web server is launched by running the sync.jar file, which is in the installation directory (InstallationDirectory).

Microsoft Windows

In Windows, CData Sync is installed as a service by default. To access the application, you must first ensure that the service is running. Once the service is running, you can access the CData Sync admin console by opening a web browser and entering http://localhost:8181/ in the URL field.


After you install CData Sync to a location of your choice, you can either run Sync as a service or run the application manually. CData recommends using a service if you use Sync for critical applications.

To start CData Sync without creating a service, use the terminal to open the sync.jar file in the installation directory, as shown here:

java -jar sync.jar

In addition, Sync provides a script that you can use to set up a systemd or an init.d service on Linux systems.

More Information

See Configuring the Server for step-by-step deployment information for running Sync in both Microsoft Windows and Linux environments.