Version 24.1.8910


You can use the CSV connector from the CData Sync application to move data from any supported source to the CSV destination. To do so, you need to add the connector, authenticate to the connector, and complete your connection.

Add the CSV Connector

To enable Sync to use data from CSV, you first must add the connector, as follows:

  1. Open the Connections page of the Sync dashboard.

  2. Click Add Connection to open the Select Connectors page.

  3. Click the Destinations tab and locate the CSV row.

  4. Click the Configure Connection icon at the end of that row to open the New Connection page. If the Configure Connection icon is not available, click the Download Connector icon to install the CSV connector. For more information about installing new connectors, see Connections.

Authenticate to CSV

After you add the connector, you need to set the required properties.

  • Destination Folder - Enter the local folder path to which CSV files should be written.

  • Include Column Headers - Select True (the default value) to include column names that are taken from the first line of the specified files. Select False if you want the column numbers to become the column names.

Complete Your Connection

  1. Define advanced connection settings on the Advanced tab. (In most cases, though, you should not need these settings.)

  2. Click Create & Test to create your connection.

More Information

For more information about interactions between CData Sync and CSV, see CSV Connector for CData Sync.