Version 24.1.8906


Version 24.1.8906

The arc:setm keyword is a shorthand for arc:set that can be used to perform multiple sets with just one keyword.

Each line, separated by \r\n, is a separate set operation. Multiline values can be specified with three single quotes (‘’’), as in Python.

The first equals sign (“=”) separates the attribute name from the value. This means that attribute values can contain spaces. However, leading and trailing spaces are ignored. Quotes can be used to include leading or trailing spaces, as shown in the examples.


  • item: The item in which the attributes are set. Specifying an item is not required. If an item is not specified, the default item is used.

Control Attributes



Use the scope of the keyword to set contact attributes:

name = ContactName 
company = ContactCompany
address = 600 Market Street
includespace = " This string has a leading space"

See Also

  • arc:set: Set attributes in an item.