Quick-Start Guide

Version 24.1.8906

Quick-Start Guide

Version 24.1.8906

This page provides an overview of installing and using CData Arc.

Installing Arc

Follow these steps to install and start Arc:

  1. Download the installation file from the Arc website.

  2. Install the application:

    • For .NET and Java installations on Windows, run the setup.exe file and follow the installation steps.

    • For a Linux installation, extract the CDataArc2024.tar.gz file and place the contents in a location of your choice.

  3. Follow the instructions in Starting the Server to start Arc.

  4. Activate your 30-day trial or enter your purchased license information.

Using Arc

After you install and run Arc according to your needs, see the pages below for information about using Arc:

  • See Dashboard for information on how to configure your landing page to display metrics and other dashboard data that is important to you and your organization.

  • See Designing a Flow for instructions on creating your first flow.

    • Connectors provides a detailed outline of how to use and configure each available connector.

    • How-To Guides explores example flows for common setups.

  • See Profiles for information about the Profiles page and where profiles are used.

  • See Reports for an overview of how to configure and run reports on your data.

  • See Admin API for a full list of actions and parameters that the Admin API supports.