Starting the Server

Version 24.1.8906

Starting the Server

CData Arc is built on top of an application framework that provides web services, authentication, encryption, and automation facilities. The application can be hosted on any Windows-based or Java-based web server. Both the Windows and Cross-Platform editions include a stand-alone server, so no external server is required to host the application.

Cross-Platform Edition

The Cross-Platform edition comes bundled with a web server, built on top of Eclipse Jetty, to support simple cross-platform deployment. This stand-alone web server is launched by running the arc.jar file, which is located in the installation directory.

java -jar arc.jar

Arc comes pre-configured to work immediately in any environment. However, if you need to customize the configuration for this web server you can generate the file, which is located next to the arc.jar file. Once it has been created you can modify this configuration file according to your specific deployment needs.

In addition, Arc provides a script that you can use to set up a systemd or init.d service on Linux systems.

You can also deploy Arc to any Java servlet container. See Cross-Platform Edition for step-by-step deployment guides to several major Java web servers.

Microsoft Windows

In Windows, Arc is installed as a service by default. To access the application, you must first ensure that the service is running. Once the service is running, you can access the Arc admin console by opening a web browser and entering http://localhost:8080/ in the URL field.

Linux Service Configuration

Follow these steps to ensure that your Linux installation of Arc functions as expected:

  1. When you install Arc, ensure that the user who is performing the installation has read and write permissions for the install directory. The root user works fine for this.
  2. Run the script. This script is located at the root of the setup archive, so if it was extracted to /opt/arc, the path to this script is /opt/arc/
  3. After you run the script, start the service according to the service manager that your Linux distribution uses:

    • For init.d, submit this command: sudo service arc start
    • For systemd, submit this command: sudo systemctl start arc

Note: No matter how you choose to deploy Arc, the files and folders within ApplicationDirectory must be readable and writable by the user who is running the application. The service installer that is included with the Java edition setup uses cdataarc as this user.

If the application was run previously as a different user and you want to restore the necessary permissions for a cdataarc user to run the application, run this command (changing the directory if needed):

sudo chown -R cdataarc:cdataarc /opt/arc

.NET Edition

The .NET edition comes with an embedded web server. To start up and run the stand-alone server, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the server (if it is not already running) either through the Windows Start Menu or by running CData.Arc.exe in the installation directory.
  2. If the web UI does not automatically open in a browser, manually launch the UI in one of the following ways:
    • Double-click the CData Arc icon in the system tray.
    • Right-click the CData Arc icon and select Start Application.
    • Use a browser to manually navigate to the address and port where the server is listening (the default port is 8080).

See Using the Embedded Server for information on enabling SSL/TLS and other configuration options for the embedded web server.

See Using IIS for information about hosting Arc in IIS.