Quick Start Guide

Version 22.0.8486

Quick Start Guide

Version 22.0.8486

This page provides an overview of setting up and using CData Connect.

Initial Setup

Installation and Configuration

See Installation and Configuration for information about downloading, installing, and configuring CData Connect.

Logging In

Open CData Connect in a web browser. On your first boot, the application automatically fills in the User field with admin. Enter a password in the requested fields and click Create User. You can edit this password later from within CData Connect.

On subsequent logins, use this admin account and password to log in each time.


If you have not configured your license for CData Connect, the About page appears and prompts you to enter your license or start a 30-day trial.

Admin Console

After the initial setup, the admin console appears. See Admin Console Overview for a detailed breakdown of the features and interface of the admin console.

Using CData Connect

To configure and use CData Connect, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Data Model tab to configure a connection that contains the data you want to work with.
  2. Configure an OData or Virtual SQL Server endpoint to access your connection.
  3. Issue queries against your connection using your configured endpoint.

Getting Support

For assistance with using CData Connect, there are two main resources available:

  • This documentation, which provides detailed information about each feature of the platform and how to use and configure them.
  • CData Technical Support