Installation and Configuration

Version 22.0.8486

Installation and Configuration

CData Connect is a complete connectivity solution service that is managed by a web-based application. This web application is built on top of a Java application framework, and you use the web application to manage the OData/HTTP and SQL Server endpoints exposed by CData Connect.

System Requirements

CData Connect requires at least the minimum specifications listed below.


  • Windows 10/Windows Server 2016 or higher. Earlier versions of Windows that have reached end-of-life have limited support.

  • Java version 11 or higher.

  • 1 GB RAM required. 2+ GB RAM recommended for high-volume traffic.

Internet Connection

If you configure the application to connect with external systems, you may need the following resources:

  • A persistent internet connection

  • An external IP address for the system running the application

  • Firewall/proxy access to communicate with the external system

Download and Install

Download the latest version of CData Connect and follow the installation steps below for your operating system.


Run setup.exe and proceed through the installation steps. When the installation finishes, see Starting the Server for further instructions.


The Linux setup file ships as CDataConnect.tar.gz. This is an archive file that contains the application files.

Note: This file is not intended for Windows setups. If you are installing CData Connect on a Windows machine, please download and run the Windows installer instead.

Follow these steps to install the application:

  1. Extract the files from the archive. If you have not extracted a .tar.gz archive before, the steps below outline a common method:

    • First, create a folder in the same directory as the downloaded archive that you want to extract the files to.

    • Next, open a Terminal window and change the directory to the download location (for example, cd Downloads).

    • Finally, run this command to extract the archive into the folder you created (in this example, it is called CDataConnect): tar -xvzf CDataConnect.tar.gz -C CDataConnect.

  2. Move the folder that contains the extracted files to your desired location on disk.

  3. Follow the steps in Starting the Server for options around starting the application.