Version 22.0.8486


Version 22.0.8486

This page outlines the steps to connect Looker to the CData Connect Virtual SQL Server endpoint.


Before you connect, you must first connect a data source to your CData Connect account. See Data Model for more information.

Note: To connect Looker to CData Connect, your CData Connect instance must be hosted in an internet-facing server that is accessible to other entities through a stable URL (for example, myConnectInstance.cdata.com). If your instance of CData Connect is hosted locally and only accessible from a localhost address (for example, localhost:8080) or local network IP address (for example, 192.168.1.x), it will not be able to communicate with Looker.

Connecting to CData Connect

To establish a connection from Looker to the CData Connect Virtual SQL Server endpoint, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Looker.

  2. In the navigation pane, select Admin. Under the Database category, select Connections.

  3. On the Connections page, click Add Connection.

  4. Enter the connection settings:

    • Name—the name for the connection in models.

    • Dialect—select Microsoft SQL Server 2017+.

    • SSH Server—leave this disabled.

    • Remote Host:Port—enter the URL from the Looker connection modal in CData Connect in the first field and the Port from the Looker connection modal in CData Connect in the second field.

    • Database—enter the Connection Name of the CData Connect data source you want to connect to (for example, Salesforce1).

    • Username—enter your CData Connect username as defined on the Users page.

    • Password—enter the password for the user.

    Leave the rest of the connection settings at their default values unless you need to modify them.

  5. At the bottom of the page, click Test These Settings to ensure that you can connect to CData Connect.

  6. Click Add Connection to create the connection and return to the Connections page.

Your connection is now available for use in Looker. To connect to additional data sources from your CData Connect account, repeat the setup steps above, changing the value for Database for each data source.