Version 22.0.8486


Version 22.0.8486

This page outlines the steps that are required to use the Microsoft ADO.NET data provider for CData Connect.


Before you can configure and use ADO.NET with CData Connect, you must first connect a data source to your CData Connect account. See Data Model for more information.

Installing the Provider

Follow these steps to download and install the provider:

  1. Open the Clients page in CData Connect.

  2. In the Dev Tools section, locate ADO.NET and click Download.

  3. Download and run the setup file.

  4. Select the options that you want the installer to configure. The installer can automatically detect software that supports ADO.NET, such as Visual Studio.

After installation, the ADO.NET Provider will be available in the software that you selected during installation.

Connecting to CData Connect

CData Connect uses OAuth to establish a connection between the ADO.NET Provider and your account. The steps below provide an example of configuring the ADO.NET Provider in Visual Studio 2022:

  1. In Visual Studio, click Tools > Connect to Database.

  2. Select CData Connect Data Source as your Data Source.

  3. In the Data Provider drop-down menu, select ADO.NET Provider for CData Connect 2021 and click Continue.

  4. The Add Connection window appears. Enter the following information:

    • AuthScheme—select Basic.

    • URL—enter [baseurl]/rest.rsc/, substituting the base URL of your CData Connect server for [baseurl]. For example, localhost:8080 or

    • User—enter your CData Connect username as defined on the Users page.

    • Password—enter the Authtoken for the user.

  5. Click Test Connection. If the connection fails, check that you entered the login credentials correctly and try again.

  6. Click OK to create the connection.

Your connection appears in the Server Explorer pane under the Data Connections section.

Learn More

To learn more information about using the ADO.NET Provider for CData Connect, click here.