What is DBAmp?

DBAmp is a powerful tool that has the ability to either access Salesforce data in real-time with SQL SELECT statements or make local copies of Salesforce data into a local SQL database.

DBAmp extends SQL Server with real-time, bi-directional Salesforce connectivity, making it the ultimate Salesforce integration solution for any SQL DBA. With DBAmp, you can easily access all your Salesforce data.

Key Features

DBamp features include:

  • real-time access to Salesforce data in the cloud

  • stored procedures for controlling data

  • replication of Salesforce data for local use

  • seamless integration with Microsoft SQL Server Manager

  • bi-directional connectivity

  • optimized and efficient data connectivity

You can use DBAmp to:

  • select and modify objects in Salesforce without programming

  • run reports that join local tables with Salesforce

  • write stored procedures for bi-directional integration from SQL Server to Salesforce

  • replicate all your Salesforce data in SQL Server with one command

  • bulk insert and update data from SQL Server tables into Salesforce

For more information about features and specifications, see DBAmp at www.cdata.com.