DBAmp and Salesforce API call Counts

DBAmp and Salesforce API call Counts

Salesforce Limits the Number of API calls

Like all third-party Salesforce tools, DBAmp uses the Salesforce API to send and receive data from Salesforce.com. Every Salesforce customer has a limit on the total number of API calls they can execute, organization-wide, from all tools they are using. This limit is found on the “Company Information” screen in the Salesforce application.

Here are some rough guidelines for API call counts for various operations in DBAmp:

  • SELECT against link server tables—SF_Mirror, SF_Replicate, and SF_Refresh—DBAmp request data in batches of 2000 records. The Salesforce server may reduce that amount based on the width of the row. Our experience has been that the average batch size is 1000. Every 1000 rows of data retrieved equals one API call.

  • UPDATE and INSERT statements—one API call for each record updated or inserted.

  • SF_TableLoader without the bulkapi switch—one API call for each batch of 200 records.

  • SF_TableLoader with the bulkapi switch—one API call for each batch of 10,000 records. If you use the batchsize option, then one API call per specified batchsize.

There are other miscellaneous calls DBAmp makes to fetch schema data. These API calls are in addition to the above.