Installing the DBAmp Performance Package

Installing the DBAmp Performance Package


Prior to install you need to run a script to create required objects.

NOTE: If you are currently using the DBAmp_Log table, upgrading DBAmp requires that you run the Create DBAmp Perf.sql script after running the Create DBAmp SPROCS.sql script to restart logging.

The DBAmp_Log table can contain up to 250,000 rows, which is approximately 50 MB of data storage. Once it reaches 250,000 rows, it deletes ¼ of its contents.


To install and verify the DBAmp Performance Package:

  1. Open Create DBAmp Perf.sql in the Query Analyzer or SQL Server Management Studio but do not execute it. The file is located in the \Program Files\CData\CData DBAmp\SQL directory.

  2. Make sure the default database shown on the Management Studio toolbar is the Salesforce Backups database (and not the main database). Press F5 to add the script to the database.

  3. Run this to verify that the DBAmp_Log table was created:


    You should see a table similar to the screenshot below:

    alt text

  4. Under ObjectExplorer > Views, in the Salesforce backups database, verify that the four performance views were created. The views should look similar to this screenshot:

alt text