Mirroring All Salesforce Objects

Mirroring All Salesforce Objects

You can use the SF_MirrorAll stored procedure to mirror all your Salesforce objects (including custom objects). SF_MirrorAll compiles a list of all existing Salesforce objects and calls the SF_Mirror stored procedure for each object.

Salesforce objects that cannot be queried via the Salesforce API with no WHERE clause (like ActivityHistory) are not included. In addition, SF_MirrorAll skips Chatter Feed objects because of the excessive API calls required to download those objects. You can modify the stored procedures to include them if needed.

NOTE: SF_MirrorAll assumes that there are no foreign keys defined on the current set of local tables.

Running SF_MirrorAll to Mirror All Objects

To run SF_MirrorAll use the following commands in Query Analyzer:

 Use "Salesforce backups"

where SALESFORCE_LS is the name of your linked server.