Upgrading an Existing Installation

Upgrading an Existing Installation

Upgrading DBAmp

To upgrade an existing installation:

  1. Stop your SQL Server.

  2. Run the DBAmp installation program. You need your serial number for installation; please contact support@cdata.com if you need help.

  3. The DBAmp stored procedures change with every release. You must upgrade every SQL database that currently contains DBAmp stored procedures with the new versions. Follow the instructions in Install the DBAmp Stored Procedures.

  4. If you are upgrading from DBAmp v5.1.9 or earlier, you will also need to recreate your linked server, following the instructions in Creating the DBAmp Linked Server.

  5. Because the new version may connect to a newer API endpoint, additional fields and objects may become visible with the upgrade. If you are using SF_Refresh for local copies, you must run SF_Replicate on that object to update the schema. Then you can resume your normal SF_Refresh schedule.