Modifying Salesforce Data

Modifying Salesforce Data


There are two ways to modify Salesforce data:

  • SQL INSERT, UPSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements, which are processed one at a time. They are not sent in batches to

  • SF_TableLoader, which supports bulk data operations

Choosing Between SQL Statements and SF_TableLoader

The SF_Tableloader stored procedure has significant advantages over using SQL statements:

  • support for batch operations—a single API call can handle up to 200 rows with the SOAP API and 10000 with the BulkAPI. In contrast, SQL statements require an API call for each row of the query, so SF_TableLoader drastically reduces the number of API calls.

  • error handling—errors are reported on a row-by-row basis, meaning you can quickly identify operations that failed on particular rows. This is not possible using SQL queries.

  • better performance—given its support for batch operations, SF_TableLoader is much more efficient.