Using Optional SOAP Headers

Using Optional SOAP Headers

The SOAP API allows you to pass additional SOAP Headers that alter the behavior of the SF_TableLoader operation. The SOAP Headers are described in detail in the API documentation:

The headers are specified in the form of three values separated by commas:

  • header name

  • section name

  • value for the section.

The entire parameter is enclosed in quotes. If you are specifying multiple SOAP Headers, separate them with semicolons. API is case-sensitive with respect to these values; use the exact token given in the documentation.

For example, to use the default assignment rule for these inserted Leads you would add the following SOAP Header parameter:

 EXEC SF_TableLoader

More examples of SOAP headers:

Trigger auto-response rules for leads and cases: 'EmailHeader,triggerAutoResponseEmail,true'

Changes made are not tracked in feeds: 'DisableFeedTrackingHeader,disableFeedTracking,true'

NOTE: SOAP Headers force SF_TableLoader to use the Salesforce SOAP API.