Using DBAmp Performance Package

Using DBAmp Performance Package

Capturing DBAmp Stored Procedure Messages

The DBAmp Performance package allows you to capture the message output from DBAmp stored procedures and summarize the information into performance metrics.

The DBAmp Performance Package (DPP):

  • creates a DBAmp_Log table to log all message output from stored procedure execution, this allows you to locate message output errors

  • creates views to summarize SF_Replicate, SF_Refresh, and SF_TableLoader

  • allows you to view run times, number of rows copied, deleted, updated, inserted, etc.

  • allows you to easily view which tables failed

  • allows you to connect to an outside analytics tool to visualize performance (ex: Excel)

Using the DBAmp Performance package you can answer questions like:

  • How long does on average does it take to replicate or refresh a table?

  • What is the average throughput of an SF_TableLoader?

  • What is the failure rate of the DBAmp stored procedures?

DBAmp Performance Package Components

The DBAmp Performance Package has these components:

  • The DBAmp_Log table containing the message output from all stored procedure executions

  • Performance Views summarizing the DBAmp_Log table into a set of usable performance metrics

The following sections discuss these topics: