Bulk Updating Rows

Bulk Updating Rows

UPDATE calls SF_TableLoader, which

  • reads each row of the Input table
  • maps the columns to the fields of the Salesforce object
  • attempts to update an object in Salesforce using the ID column of the input table

The Input table should only contain columns for those fields that you want to update. If the data in a column is an empty string or NULL, SF_TableLoader updates that field on Salesforce.com to be NULL. You can modify this behavior by using the following value for the operation:


The IgnoreNulls option tells SF_TableLoader to ignore null values in columns. This option can only be used with the SOAP API of Salesforce, so if you use it, you should also explicity include the soap option since IgnoreNulls does not work with the BulkAPI of Salesforce. For example:

EXEC SF_TableLoader 'Update:IgnoreNulls,soap','Salesforce','Account_Upd'

However, empty string values still set the field on Salesforce.com to NULL. For each row in the Input table that failed to update, the Error column in the Result table contains an error message for the failure.