What You Need to Know

This document assumes that you have

  • proficiency with SQL

  • some familiarity with the MS SQL Server Management Studio

  • some familiarity with Salesforce

Required Software Versions

  • DBAmp supports SQL 2008 or later

  • DBAmp supports Windows 2008 R2 or later

  • DBAmp only supports 64-bit Windows OS

  • DBAmp requires the .NET 4.6 framework or later

  • SQL 2008 or later with datetime2(7) only: date and datetime fields of objects are now created as datetime2(7) fields in the local database. To force these fields to be created as datetime fields instead, set the “Database Compatibility Level” of the Salesforce backup database to 90 prior to replicating the data.

If you are using SQL Server Express, make sure you download the package from Microsoft that contains the Database Tools. You will need the SQL Management Studio tool to complete the DBAmp installation.