Converting Leads

Converting Leads

Using SF_ConvertLeads to Extract Information on Leads

You can use SF_ConvertLeads to convert lead records to accounts, contacts, or opportunities.

First, create a table to hold the information needed for the conversion. At a minimum the table must have the following columns:

 CREATE TABLE [dbo].[LeadConvert](

 [LeadID] [nchar](18) NULL,

 [convertedStatus] [nvarchar](255) NULL,

 [Error] [nvarchar](512) NULL,

 [AccountID] [nchar](18) NULL,

 [OpportunityID] [nchar](18) NULL,

 [ContactID] [nchar](18) NULL


Basic Examples

 EXEC SF_ConvertLeads 'SALESFORCE', 'LeadConvert' 

 EXEC SF_ConvertLeads 'SALESFORCE', 'LeadConvert', 'ignorefailures(50)' 

Be sure to examine the Errorcolumn in the Result table after running the command to look for possible errors.

See SF_ConvertLeads for more information.