API Connector Overview

Version 23.4.8841

API Connector Overview

The API connector exposes tables, views, and stored procedures from a database as a web API. The API Connector reads the available tables, views, and stored procedures from the target database, then any subset of these can be exposed as API resources.

Note: The API connector supports publishing custom APIs at a CData Arc endpoint. If you are looking for an API client to consume APIs, use the REST Connector instead.

The following topics cover all aspects of the API connector:

  • Configure a Connector covers all of the configurable connector properties on each tab.
  • Establish a Connection explains how to connect to your data store.
  • Build Your First API explains how to use a wizard to generate schemas for reading and writing to your data store.
  • API Resources describes options related to managing resources.
  • API Actions describes example actions to extend the set of operations on resources and to execute unrelated actions on the server.
  • Query Your API covers how to expose your API resources to authorized users and IP addresses.
  • API Management covers discovery options, server responses, rate limiting and cross-origin resources sharing (CORS).
  • Authentication covers user management and authentication options.
  • Additional Output Formats describes how to use the other output formats supported by the API connector.
  • Customize Your API describes how to edit schemas. It includes an example schema that enables read and write access to a table, and it provides a set of commonly used customizations.