Scheduling Jobs

Version 22.0.8483

Scheduling Jobs

Version 22.0.8483

CData Sync has a built-in Scheduler allowing you to control the frequency of your Job run. In the Schedule tab of your Job, set your Job to automatically run by selecting Enable Scheduler and choosing the Job Run interval. The options for scheduling job runs are below:

Setting the Job Run Interval

You can configure updates to occur at any of the time intervals below:

  • Minute - Choose every 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Hourly - Choose a Minute Past the Hour.
  • Daily - Choose a Specific Time of Day.
  • Weekly - Choose a Specific Day of the Week and Time.
  • Monthly - Choose a Specific Day of the Month and Time.
  • Advanced - Enter a Cron statement.

Use Unix Cron Syntax

The cron syntax is a time-based job scheduler used by Unix systems. It is used to schedule jobs to run at certain times or intervals. The syntax supports the following values:

Field Name Allowed Values Support Special Characters
Minutes 0-59 * , - /
Hours 0-23 * , - /
Days of the Month 1-31 * , - ? / l w
Months 1-12 or jan-dec * , - /
Days of the Week 1-7 or sun-sat * , - ? / l #

The special characters map to the following meanings:

Character Meaning
* All possible values for the given field. For example, if this character is specified in the Minutes field, the scheduler will execute every minute.
, Used to specify multiple values in a field.
- Used to specify a range of values to a field.
/ Used to define any increments for a field. For example, a value of “3/15” for the Minute field will execute the task every 15th minute starting on the third minute of the hour.
? Marks an unused field.
l The last day of the field. This can mean the last day of the month or the last day of the week.
w The nearest weekday to the specified day. For example, if “1w” is specified in the Days of the Month field, it will mean the closest weekday to the first of the month.
# Used to denote the nth day of the month in the Days of the Week field. For example, “2#3” will execute the task on the third Monday of the month.

Some example configurations are:

Cron Expression Meaning
* * * * * Execute every minute.
*/20 * * * * Execute every 20 minutes.
0-30/5 * * * * Execute every five minutes for the first 30 minutes of every hour.
0 23 ? * mon-fri Execute at 11 p.m. every weekday night.
2-59/3 1,9,22 11-26 1-6 * Execute on the 11th to 26th of each month from January to June every third minute starting from 2 past 1 a.m., 9 a.m., and 10 p.m..