Quick-Start Guide

Version 22.0.8483

Quick-Start Guide

Version 22.0.8483

This page provides an overview of how to install and use CData Sync.

Initial Setup

Follow these steps to install and start CData Sync:

  1. Download the installation file from the CData Sync website.

  2. Follow the instruction in Installation and Configuration to install Sync.

  3. Follow the instructions in Starting the Server to start Sync and login.

  4. After logging in, navigate to the Settings page and click on the Licensing tab. Click on the Install New License button and fill out the form to activate Sync.

Using CData Sync

After you install and run Sync according to your needs, see the following pages for information about using Sync:

Getting Support

For assistance with using Sync, there are two main resources available:

  • This documentation, which provides detailed information about each feature of the platform and how to use and configure them.

  • CData Technical Support