SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

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Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are function-like interfaces that extend the functionality of the component beyond simple SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operations with Amazon Marketplace.

Stored procedures accept a list of parameters, perform their intended function, and then return any relevant response data from Amazon Marketplace, along with an indication of whether the procedure succeeded or failed.

CData SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace Stored Procedures

Name Description
CancelFeed The CancelFeed cancels feed submission for the given FeedId
CancelFulfillmentOrder Requests that Amazon stop attempting to fulfill the fulfillment order indicated by the specified order identifier. You cannot cancel a fulfillment order with a status of Processing, Complete, or CompletePartialled.
CancelReport CancelReport operation cancels report request for the given ReportId.
CancelShipment Cancels a purchased shipment.
CheckVendorTransactionStatus Returns the status of the transaction that you specify.
ConfirmInboundShipmentPreorder Returns information needed to confirm a shipment for pre-order. Call this operation after calling the getPreorderInfo operation to get the NeedByDate value and other pre-order information about the shipment.
ConfirmInboundShipmentTransport Initiates the process of estimating the shipping cost for an inbound shipment by an Amazon-partnered carrier.
ConfirmShipment The ConfirmShipment operation updates the shipment confirmation status for a specified order.
CreateFulfillmentReturn Creates a fulfillment return.
CreateInboundShipmentPlan Returns one or more inbound shipment plans, which provide the information you need to create one or more inbound shipments for a set of items that you specify.
CreateProductReviewAndSellerFeedbackSolicitation Sends a solicitation to a buyer asking for seller feedback and a product review for the specified order. Send only one productReviewAndSellerFeedback or free form proactive message per order.
CreateReportSchema Creates a schema file based on the specified report.
CreateScheduledPackage Schedules an Easy Ship order
CreateScheduledPackageBulk The ConfirmShipment operation updates the shipment confirmation status for a specified order.
CreateSchema Creates a schema file for the specified table or view.
DownloadVendorCustomerInvoice This stored procedure is part of Vendor Direct Fulfillment Shipping API. Returns a customer invoice based on the purchaseOrderNumber that you specify.
DownloadVendorPackingSlip This stored procedure is part of Vendor Direct Fulfillment Shipping API. Returns a packing slip based on the PurchaseOrderNumber that you specify.
EstimateInboundShipmentTransport Initiates the process of estimating the shipping cost for an inbound shipment by an Amazon-partnered carrier.
GetAdditionalInputsSchema Returns the JSON schema to use for providing additional inputs when needed to purchase a shipping offering.
GetFeedProcessingReport Creates and/or returns data for a specific report.
GetInboundShipmentBillOfLading Returns a bill of lading for a Less Than Truckload/Full Truckload (LTL/FTL) shipment.
GetInboundShipmentLabel Returns package/pallet labels for faster and more accurate shipment processing at the Amazon fulfillment center.
GetOAuthAccessToken Gets an authentication token from Amazon.
GetOAuthAuthorizationURL Gets the authorization URL that must be opened separately by the user to grant access to your application. You will request the OAuthAccessToken from this URL.
GetReport Creates and/or returns data for a specific report.
GetScheduledPackage Returns information about a package, including dimensions, weight, time slot information for handover, invoice and item information, and status.
GetSolicitationActionsForOrder Returns a list of solicitation types that are available for an order that you specify.
ListHandoverSlots Returns time slots available for Easy Ship orders to be scheduled based on the package weight and dimensions that the seller specifies.
PurchaseShipment Purchases a shipping service and returns purchase related details and documents.
RefreshOAuthAccessToken Exchanges a access token for a new access token.
RequestReport The RequestReport operation creates a report request.
SubmitCartonContentFeed Submits carton content information for FBA inbound shipments.
SubmitFulfillmentOrderStatus Requests that Amazon update the status of an order in the sandbox testing environment. This is a sandbox-only operation and must be directed to a sandbox endpoint.
SubmitImageFeed The Image feed allows you to upload various images for a product. Amazon can display several images for each product.
SubmitInventoryFeed The Inventory feed allows you to update inventory quantities (stock levels) for your items.
SubmitOrderAcknowledgementFeed The Order Acknowledgment feed allows you to acknowledge your success or failure with downloading an order.
SubmitOrderAdjustmentFeed The Order Adjustment feed allows you to issue a refund (adjustment) for an order. You must provide a reason for the adjustment, such as Customer Return, and the adjustment amount, broken down by price component (principle, shipping, tax, and so on).
SubmitOrderFulfillmentFeed The Order Fulfillment feed allows your system to update Amazon's system with order fulfillment information.
SubmitOverrideFeed The Override feed allows you to set an exception to your account-level shipping settings for an individual product (SKU).
SubmitPriceFeed The Price feed allows you to set the current price and sale price (when applicable) for an item.
SubmitProductFeed The Product feed contains descriptive information about the products in your catalog. This information allows Amazon to build a record and assign a unique identifier known as an ASIN (Amazon Standard Item Number) to each product.
SubmitRelationshipFeed The Relationship feed allows you to set up optional relationships between items in your catalog.
SubmitSourcingOnDemandFeed Usage information for the operation SubmitSourcingOnDemandFeed.rsb.
SubmitVATInvoiceFeed Submit a VAT invoice against a shipment. The invoice must be a PDF document. Note that UPLOAD_VAT_INVOICE is only available in the EU marketplace (VAT program). The throttling limit for the Invoicing Feed is one invoice upload every three seconds. This type is permitted by the Tax Invoicing (Restricted) role.
SubmitVendorOrderAcknowledgement Submits acknowledgements for one purchase order.
SubmitVendorPayments Submit new invoices to Amazon Marketplace.
SubmitVendorShipmentConfirmations Submits shipment confirmations for vendor orders.
UpdateScheduledPackages Updates the time slot for handing over the package indicated by the specified scheduledPackageId. You can get the new slotId value for the time slot by calling the listHandoverSlots operation before making another patch call.
UpdateShipmentStatus Update the shipment status for a specific order. Intended to be used with sellers who are participating in the In-store Pickup program.

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