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The Override feed allows you to set an exception to your account-level shipping settings for an individual product (SKU).


The stored procedure accepts two aggregated formats: #TEMP tables and XML aggregate

For #TEMP tables

You must include in your query:

INSERT INTO ShippingOverrideAggregate#TEMP (ShipOption, IsShippingRestricted) VALUES ('Std JP Kanto8', 'true')

INSERT INTO ShippingOverrideAggregate#TEMP (ShipOption, Type, ShipAmount, ShipAmountCurrency) VALUES ('Std JP Kantoa8', 'Exclusive', '400.0', 'JPY')

INSERT INTO OverrideFeedAggregate#TEMP (SKU, OperationType, ShippingOverrideAggregate) VALUES ('15700', 'Update', 'ShippingOverrideAggregate#TEMP')

Then you execute the procedure by specifying the value of OverrideFeedAggregate with the name of #TEMP table used OverrideFeedAggregate#TEMP.

EXEC SubmitOverrideFeed OverrideFeedAggregate = 'OverrideFeedAggregate#TEMP', marketplaceids = 'A1VC38T7YXB528'

*The temporary table must be defined and used within the same connection. Closing the connection will clear out any temporary tables in memory.

For XML aggregate

The XML aggregate must follow the API structure (

            <ShipOption>Std JP Kanto8</ShipOption>
            <ShipOption>Std JP Kantoa8</ShipOption>
            <ShipAmount currency="JPY">400.0</ShipAmount>

EXEC SubmitOverrideFeed OverrideFeedAggregate = '...(the above XML)...', marketplaceids = 'A1VC38T7YXB528'


Name Type Required Description
SKU String True Required. Used to identify an individual product. Each product must have a SKU, and each SKU must be unique.
OperationType String True Required. Used to specify the type of operation (Update or Delete) to be performed on the data.
ShipOption String False Locale and shipping service.
IsShippingRestricted Boolean False Indicates whether the SKU can or cannot be shipped to the specified locale using the specified shipping service (ShipOption).
Type String False The type of override shipping charge (Additive or Exclusive) being applied to the SKU.
ShipAmount Decimal False The Additive or Exclusive shipping charge amount.
ShipAmountCurrency Decimal False The currency used for the ShipAmount.
ShippingOverrideAggregate String False An aggregate representing the the shipping override. Can be in the form of XML or a #TEMP table. Use this field if multiple Shipping Overrides are needed.
OverrideFeedAggregate String False An aggregate representing the feed. Can be in the form of XML or a #TEMP table.
MarketplaceIds String True Required. A list of one or more marketplace IDs for the marketplace that registered the listing account.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
FeedId String A unique identifier for the feed.
FeedType String The type of feed submitted.
SubmittedDate Datetime The date and time when the feed was submitted.
FeedProcessingStatus String The processing status of the feed submission.

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