SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

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Purchases a shipping service and returns purchase related details and documents.


Name Type Required Description
RequestToken String False A unique token generated to identify a getRates operation.
RateId String False An identifier for the rate (shipment offering) provided by a shipping service provider.
RequestedDocumentFormat String False The file format of the document.

The allowed values are PDF, PNG, ZPL.

RequestedDocumentLength String False The length of the document measured in the units specified.
RequestedDocumentUnit String False The unit of measurement.
RequestedDocumentWidth String False The width of the document measured in the units specified.
RequestedDocumentDPI String False The dots per inch (DPI) value used in printing. This value represents a measure of the resolution of the document.
RequestedDocumentPageLayout String False Indicates the position of the label on the paper. Should be the same value as returned in getRates response.
RequestedDocumentNeedFileJoining Boolean False When true, files should be stitched together. Otherwise, files should be returned separately. Defaults to false.
RequestedDocumentTypes String False A list of the document types requested.


RequestedValueAddedServices String False The value-added services to be added to a shipping service purchase.
AdditionalInputs String False The additional inputs required to purchase a shipping offering, in JSON format. Additional inputs are only required when indicated by the requiresAdditionalInputs property in the response to the getRates operation.
ShippingBusinessId String False Amazon shipping business to assume for this request. The default is AmazonShipping_UK. Refer X-amzn-shipping-business-id for other marketplaces.

The default value is AmazonShipping_UK.

IdempotencyKey String False A unique value which the server uses to recognize subsequent retries of the same request.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
ShipmentId String The unique shipment identifier provided by a shipping service.
PackageClientReferenceId String A client provided unique identifier for a package being shipped. This value should be saved by the client to pass as a parameter to the getShipmentDocuments operation.
PackageDocumentType String The type of shipping document.
PackageDocumentFormat String The file format of the document.
PackageDocumentContents String A Base64 encoded string of the file contents.
TrackingId String The carrier generated identifier for a package in a purchased shipment.
PromisedDeliveryStartTime Datetime The promised start time of delivery.
PromisedDeliveryEndTime Datetime The promised end time of delivery.
PromisedPickupStartTime Datetime The promised start time of pickup.
PromisedPickupEndTime Datetime The promised end time of pickup.

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Build 23.0.8839