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Submits carton content information for FBA inbound shipments.


The stored procedure accepts two aggregated formats: #TEMP tables and XML aggregate

For #TEMP tables

You must include in your query:

INSERT Item#TEMP (SKU, QuantityShipped, QuantityInCase) VALUES ('16510', 200, 1)

INSERT Carton#TEMP (CartonId, Item) VALUES ('28', 'Item#TEMP')

INSERT INTO ContentsRequestFeedAggregate#TEMP (ShipmentId, NumCartons, Carton) VALUES ('NY59', 1, 'Carton#TEMP')

Then you execute the procedure by specifying the value of CartonContentsRequestFeedAggregate with the name of #TEMP table used ContentsRequestFeedAggregate#TEMP.

EXEC SubmitCartonContentFeed CartonContentsRequestFeedAggregate = 'ContentsRequestFeedAggregate#TEMP', MarketplaceIds='11111'

*The temporary table must be defined and used within the same connection. Closing the connection will clear out any temporary tables in memory.

For XML aggregate

The XML aggregate must follow the API structure (


EXEC SubmitCartonContentFeed CartonContentsRequestFeedAggregate = '...(the above XML)...', MarketplaceIds='11111'


Name Type Required Description
ShipmentId String False A shipment identifier originally returned by the createInboundShipmentPlan operation.
NumCartons Integer False The number of cartons in the feed.
CartonId String False A carton identifier.
SKU String False The seller SKU of the item.
QuantityShipped Integer False The item quantity that you are shipping.
QuantityInCase Integer False The item quantity in each case, for case-packed items. Note that QuantityInCase multiplied by the number of boxes in the inbound shipment equals QuantityShipped.

The default value is 1.

ExpirationDate Date False The expiration date for the item, if there is any.
Item String False SKU and quantity information for the items in the shipment in XML format.
Carton String False Aggregate representing the carton. Can be in the form of XML or #TEMP table.
CartonContentsRequestFeedAggregate String False Carton content information for FBA inbound shipments in XML format.
MarketplaceIds String True Required. A list of one or more marketplace IDs for the marketplace that registered the listing account.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
FeedId String A unique identifier for the feed.
FeedType String The type of feed submitted.
SubmittedDate Datetime The date and time when the feed was submitted.
FeedProcessingStatus String The processing status of the feed submission.

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Build 23.0.8839