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Creates a schema file based on the specified report.


CreateReportSchema creates a schema file based on the specified report. This schema adds a table to your existing list that corresponds with the results of your report, which can then be queried like other tables. (Reports from the Amazon Marketplace are not modeled by component as queryable tables by default.)

The generated schema file outlines the metadata for the report, such as columns and column data types. You can edit the file to adjust data types, rename columns, and include or exclude columns.

Updating a Report Schema

In the following example, the SP CreateReportSchema creates a new report using TestReportTest1 as a base template. It appends new columns to TestReportTest1 and creates a new report, named TestReport2. The new report is saved as ...\\TestReportTest2.rsd.
EXECUTE [CreateReportSchema] 
    [ReportName] = "TestReportTest2",
    [CustomFieldIdsPrimitive] = "1459925,1459928",
    [CustomFieldIdsDropdown] = "1469785",
    [CustomDimensionKeyIds] = "13539564",
    [BaseReportName] = "TestReportTest1", 
    [FileName] = "...\\TestReportTest2.rsd"


Name Type Required Description
TableName String True The name for the new table.
ReportId String True The report document id.
ReportName String True The name of the report.
FileName String False The full file path and name of the schema to generate. Begin by choosing a parent directory (this parent directory should be set in the Location property). Complete the filepath by adding a directory corresponding to the schema used (SellingPartner), followed by a .rsd file with a name corresponding to the desired table name. For example : 'C:\\Users\\User\\Desktop\\AmazonMarketplace\\SellingPartner\\Filters.rsd'
Description String False An optional description for the table.
WriteToFile String False Whether to write the contents of the generated schema to a file or not. The input defaults to true. Set it to false to write to FileStream or FileData.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String Whether or not the schema was created successfully.
FileData String The generated schema encoded in base64. Only returned if FileName is not set.

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Build 23.0.8839