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The api:select keyword is similar to a switch-case block in other programming languages and can be used to create complex conditional statements. The body of api:select can contain one or more api:case keywords and one api:default keyword.

The value in api:select is matched with those specified in api:case. The body of the api:case statement contains the keywords and statements to be executed if the value specified matches the value in the api:select keyword.

The body of the api:default statement will be executed only if none of the api:case statements result in a match. The api:default keyword has no parameters and can appear only once in an api:select.


  • value: The value to compare with those specified in api:case statements.
  • attr: The attribute whose value is compared with values specified in api:case statements.

Control Attributes



Set the icon depending on the company name. The api:case elements match "CompanyA" and "CompanyB" in the company_name attribute, and, if any occurrences are found, take the action associated with that case.

<api:select value="[company_name]">
  <api:case value="CompanyA">
    <img src="" />
  <api:case value="CompanyB">
    <img src="" />
    <img src=""/>


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