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The api:case keyword is used with the api:select keyword. The api:case keyword consists of a block of API Script that is executed if the value in api:select matches the value in api:case.


  • value: The pattern or value to compare against the value specified in api:select.
  • match: The type of matches to find to determine whether the case statement should be executed. The default value is "exact", which requires an exact match of the value. Other supported types are "regex", for regular expression matching, and "glob", which supports a simple expression model similar to the one used in file-name patterns (e.g., *.txt). The .NET edition of the component uses the .NET Framework version of regular expression matching. The Java edition uses Java regular expression constructs.

Control Attributes



Display an icon based on the condition. The api:case elements match "CompanyA" and "CompanyB" in the company_name attribute and if any occurrences are found take the action associated with that case.

<api:select value="[company_name]">
  <api:case value="CompanyA">
    <img src="" />
  <api:case value="CompanyB">
    <img src="" />
    <img src=""/>

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Build 23.0.8804