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The api:match keyword is similar to the api:equals keyword; however, it permits complex matching rules.


  • pattern: The pattern to match.
  • type: The type of matches to find. The default value is "exact", which requires an exact match of the value. In this case api:match is identical to api:equals. Other supported types are "regex", for regular expression matching, and "glob", which supports a simple expression model similar to the one used in file-name patterns, for example, *.txt.

    The .NET edition of the component uses the .NET Framework version of regular expression matching. The Java edition uses Java regular expression constructs.

  • value: The value to match.

Control Attributes



Check for floating point numbers using a regex pattern. If the pattern is matched then the item will be pushed out.

<api:match pattern="\[-+\]?\[0-9\]*\.?\[0-9\]*" type="regex" value="-3.14">

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Build 23.0.8804