ODBC Driver for HubSpot

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Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views are read-only.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table.

CData ODBC Driver for HubSpot Views

Name Description
AnalyticsBreakdowns Get analytics data broken down by the specified category.
AnalyticsContents Get analytics data for your HubSpot hosted content. This would include your website and landing pages, as well as any blog pages hosted on HubSpot.
AnalyticsEventCompletions Get analytics data for event completion objects.
AnalyticsForms Get analytics data for form objects.
AnalyticsSessions Get analytics data broken down by sessions.
AnalyticsSocialAssists Get analytics data for social assist objects.
AnalyticsViews Get the details for the analytics views set up in the portal.
BlogAuthors Retrieve the available blog authors in HubSpot.
BlogPosts Retrieve the available blog posts in HubSpot.
Blogs Retrieve the available blogs in HubSpot.
BlogTopics Retrieve the available blog topics in HubSpot.
Comments Retrieve the available comments from your blog in HubSpot.
CompanyPropertiesHistory A list of the historical values of the property.
ContactFormSubmissions List of Contact's Form Submissions.
ContactIdentityProfiles List of Contact's Identity profiles
ContactListMemberships Returns the list memberships of contacts in HubSpot.
ContactPropertiesHistory A list of the historical values of the property.
ContactStatistics Basic contact statistics that can be retrieved from HubSpot such as the total number and when the last new contact was created.
DealPipelines Deal pipelines may be used to organize what stages a given deal is on.
DealPipelineStages The stages for a given Deal Pipeline.
DealPropertiesHistory A list of the historical values of the property.
DealStages The stages for a given Deal.
Domains Retrieve the available domains in HubSpot.
EcommerceSyncErrors Get errors from previously processed sync messages.
EmailCampaignEvents The events associated with an email campaign or a recipient.
EmailCampaigns Email campaigns in HubSpot allow you to keep track of email marketing campaigns.
EmailSubscriptionTypes A list of email subscription types for a HubSpot hub.
EngagementScheduledTasks List of tasks scheduled for an engagement.
EngagementsScheduledTasks List of tasks scheduled for an engagement.
Events Returns all of the event definitions in a given portal.
Files Retrieves information about the available files in HubSpot.
Folders Retrieves information about the available folders in HubSpot.
FormFields Get fields of HubSpot Forms.
FormSubmissions Get the submissions for the specified form.
Owners Retrieve the owners in HubSpot.
Pages Retrieve the available pages in HubSpot.
SocialMediaChannels List available social media channels in HubSpot
Templates Retrieve the available templates in HubSpot.
UrlMappings Retrieve the available url mappings in HubSpot.

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Build 23.0.8839