ODBC Driver for HubSpot

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieves information about the available files in HubSpot.

Table Specific Information

Files represent any files you have uploaded with HubSpot to your content optimization system.


When selecting files, they can only be filtered by the Id, Name, AltKey, IsArchived, CreatedAt, DeletedAt, Extension, FolderId, and Type. Name can be used with the LIKE comparison. Type can be used with both = and <>. CreatedAt and DeletedAt can be used with the > and < comparisons but cannot form a range. For example:

SELECT * FROM Files WHERE CreatedAt >= '1/1/2014'
SELECT * FROM Files WHERE DeletedAt <= '1/1/2014'
SELECT * FROM Files WHERE Name LIKE 'filename'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Long The unique id of the file.
Name String The internal name of the file.
FriendlyUrl String A full url to the file that can be used from a web browser to view or download the file.
AltKey String An alternative file key. This is used for creationg the 'alt_url', which is a url for the file that does not include the file id. This is useful if you need to upload a collection of files where their relative location needs to preserved.
AltUrl String The alternative file URL, without the auto-generated file id in it. This is generated by concatenating the alt_key to the base CDN url.
IsArchived Boolean If True, the file will not show up in your dashboard, although the file will still be live.
CreatedAt Datetime When the file was first created.
DeletedAt Datetime When the file was deleted.
Extension String The extension of the file.
FolderId Long


The id of the folder this file is in.
RSUploadedAt Datetime When the file was uploaded via RS.
S3UploadedAt Datetime When the file was uploaded via S3.
Size Long The size in bytes of the file.
IsSynced Boolean A boolean indicating if this is a CTA image.
Title String The title of the file.
Type String A string enum for type of the file.

The allowed values are IMG, TEXT, DOCUMENT, OTHER.

UpdatedAt Datetime When the file was last updated.
Version Double The version of the file.
Height Integer For images only, the height in pixels of the image.
Width Integer For images only, the width in pixels of the image.
ExtraUrlParameters String An input only property for specifying additional parameters when selecting data from HubSpot. Specify the parameters as name=value pairs in a comma separated list. For instance, 'param1=value1,param2=value2,param3=value3'.

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Build 23.0.8839