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List available social media channels in HubSpot

Table Specific Information

Social media channels in HubSpot represent any social media accounts you have connected for the purposes of posting marketing messages to. Messages can be posted to your social media channels via SocialMediaMessages.


When selecting social media channels, data can only be filtered by the ChannelGUID. For example:

SELECT * FROM SocialMediaChannels WHERE ChannelGUID = '123456789'


Name Type References Description
ChannelGUID [KEY] String The social media channel GUID.
AccountGUID String The account GUID associated with the social media channel.
AccountSlug String The account slug.
AccountType String The type of account.
IsActive Boolean A boolean indicating if the channel is active.
AutoPublish Boolean A boolean indicating if messages should be automatically published to the channel.
AvatarUrl String A url to the avatar for your account on the social medial channel.
ChannelId String The id for the channel on the social media site.
ChannelKey String A HubSpot key associated with the channel.
ChannelSlug String The slug associated with the channel.
CreatedAt Datetime When the channel was created.
FollowMe Boolean A boolean indicating if the channel should be followed.
IsHidden Boolean A boolean indicating if the channel is hidden.
Monitoring Boolean A boolean indicating if the channel should be monitored.
Reach Boolean A boolean indicating if tracking the growth of followers on this account over time should be enabled.
ReachType String The type of reach for this social media channel.
IsShared Boolean A boolean indicating if this social media channel is shared.
Type String The type of social media channel.
UpdatedAt Datetime When this social media channel was last updated.
UserName String The user name for the social media channel.
ExtraUrlParameters String An input only property for specifying additional parameters when selecting data from HubSpot. Specify the parameters as name=value pairs in a comma separated list. For instance, 'param1=value1,param2=value2,param3=value3'.

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