JDBC Driver for FreshBooks

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Views are composed of columns and pseudo columns. Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views do not support updates. Entities that are represented as views are typically read-only entities. Often, a stored procedure is available to update the data if such functionality is applicable to the data source.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table, and the data that comes back is similar in that regard.

Dynamic views, such as queries exposed as views, and views for looking up specific combinations of project_team work items are supported.

CData JDBC Driver for FreshBooks Views

Name Description
EstimatesLineItems Estimate lines are used to determine the amount of an estimate.
ExpenseCategories FreshBooks supplies Expense Categories to group expenses together to aid in expense tracking.
ExpensesReport The Expenses Report shows all the information involving your Expenses.
Gateways Gateways are also referred to as payment processors. The information returned by these endpoints specifies what payment processors are enabled for your businesses.
IdentityInfo You can find ids for the Businesses and Accounts a user can interact with by querying the IdentityInfo view.
InvoicesLineItems Invoice lines are used to determine the amount of an invoice, in addition to being able to tie the invoice to rebilled expenses.
InvoicesReport The Invoice Details Report shows all the information involving your invoices.
PaymentsCollectedReport The Payments Collected Report shows details regarding collected payments made to your business.
ProfitLossReport The Profit/Loss Report shows all the information involving both your Profits and Losses.
Projects Projects in FreshBooks are used to track business projects and related information such as hourly rate, service(s) being offered, projected end date...etc.
Systems An Accounting System represents an entity that can send invoices. It is the central point of association between all of a single Administrator of a single Business, Invoices, Clients, Staff, Expenses, and Reports.
Tasks Tasks in Freshbooks represent services that your business offers to clients. Tasks are used to keep track of details of the service such as name and hourly rate.
Taxes FreshBooks allows you to store your previously used taxes to re-apply conveniently.
TimeEntries Time Entries represent time spent working for a client or project.

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Build 22.0.8462