JDBC Driver for FreshBooks

Build 22.0.8462


Invoice lines are used to determine the amount of an invoice, in addition to being able to tie the invoice to rebilled expenses.


Name Type Description
LineId String Line Id unique to this invoice.
InvoiceId Integer Id of related invoice.
Amount String Total amount of an invoice line, to two decimal places.
Code String Three-letter currency code.
Updated Datetime Time that the invoice was last updated. (YYYY-MM-DD)
Type Integer Invoice line type: normal invoice (0) or rebilling expense (1)
Quantity Integer Quantity of the invoice line item, to be multiplied against unit cost.
UnitCostAmount Decimal Unit cost amount, to two decimal places.
UnitCostCode String Three-letter currency code.
Description String Description for the invoice line item.
Name String Name for the invoice line item.
TaxName1 String Name for the first tax on invoice line.
TaxAmount1 Decimal First tax percentage amount, up to three decimal places.
TaxName2 String Name for the second tax on invoice line.
TaxAmount2 Decimal Second tax percentage amount, up to three decimal places.

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Build 22.0.8462