JDBC Driver for FreshBooks

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An Accounting System represents an entity that can send invoices. It is the central point of association between all of a single Administrator of a single Business, Invoices, Clients, Staff, Expenses, and Reports.


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] Integer The unique identifier of the system.
AccountId String The second unique identifier for the system.
Active Boolean Indicates whether the system is live or cancelled.
Amount Decimal Two-place decimal formatted amount being paid for the system.
AutoBill Integer Count of the number of autobills the system is allowed to have.
BillingStatus String Description of whether the owner of the system has paid when they were supposed to.
BusinessPhone String Main phone number for the business.
BusinessType String A description of the business.
City String The city this business is based in.
Code String The postal code for the business.
Country String The country this business is based in.
CurrencyCode String The default three-letter currency code for the business.
Date Date The signup date. (YYYY-MM-DD)
DiscountId String Identifier for tracking discounts (internal use).
DaylightSavingsTime String Indicates whether to use daylight savings time version of system's timezone.
Duration Integer (deprecated)
Email String The administrator email.
Fax String The fax number for a business.
GSTAmount Decimal The two-place decimal formatted amount of gst being paid for the system.
HeardAboutUsVia String Channel system came to Freshbooks through.
InfoEmail String The public email address to display.
IP String The signup IP address.
LandingUrl String The landing url used for analytics.
MasterlockBilling String Indicates whether a system is billed via a particular service.
MobilePhone String The mobile phone number for the business.
ModernSystem String Indicates whether the system belongs to the new version of FreshBooks or FreshBooks Classic.
Name String Descriptive name of the business.
Clients Integer Number of clients allowed on business.
Staff String Number of staff allowed on business.
PaymentAmount Decimal Two-place decimal formatted amount being paid for system.
PaymentFrequency Integer How many months per pay cycle. (internal)
Province String The province or state of the business.
ReferralId String A referral ID for analytics.
ReferringUrl String Tracks origin of user signup for analytics.
Salutation String The preferred greeting of the user.
SizeLimit Integer (deprecated)
SplitToken String Used for tracking split tests.
Street String The first line of the street of the business.
Street2 String The second line of the street of the business.
TestSystem String Indicates whether this system is marked by FreshBooks as a test system.
Timezone String The timezone the business is in. (deprecated)
TimezoneId Integer The identifier of the timezone the business is in. (deprecated)

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Build 22.0.8462