JDBC Driver for QuickBooks Online

Build 23.0.8839


Create, update, delete, and query QuickBooks Journal Entries.

Table Specific Information

JournalEntries may be inserted, queried, or updated via the JournalEntries or JournalEntryLineItems tables. JournalEntries may be deleted by using the JournalEntries table.


All filterable columns support the following operators:

  • =
  • !=
  • >=
  • <=
  • >
  • <
  • IN
  • LIKE

The driver processes other filters client-side within the driver.


To add a JournalEntry, there must be at least one credit line and at least one debit line where the total of the debit and credit Lines are equal to each other. The LineAggregate column may be used to specify an XML aggregate of Line Item data. Each _ denotes hierarchy. Use <Line> at the base level. The contents of LineAggregate will be sent to the API as is. All values for each field in the aggregate should adhere to the API's specifications (e.g. for dates in format yyyy-MM-dd, for date times in format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:sszzz).The columns that may be used in the aggregates begin with the prefix 'Line_' to indicate they are part of the line item. Use the Line_ column along with the DocNumber to indicate which lines go with which JournalEntries. For example:

INSERT INTO JournalEntries (LineAggregate) 


Name Type ReadOnly References Filterable Sortable Description
Id [KEY] String True True True

The Id of the journal entry.

SyncToken String True False False

Version number of the object. It is used to lock an object for use by one app at a time. As soon as an application modifies an object, its SyncToken is incremented. Attempts to modify an object specifying an older SyncToken fails. Only the latest version of the object is maintained by QuickBooks Online.

MetaData_CreateTime Datetime True True True

The time the record was created.

MetaData_LastUpdatedTime Datetime True True True

The time the record was last updated.

DocNumber String False True True

The reference number for the transaction.

TxnDate Date False True True

The date entered by the user when this transaction occurred.

PrivateNote String False False False

A private note about the transaction. This note will not appear on the transaction records by default.

Adjustment Boolean False False False

The total amount of the transaction. This includes the total of all the charges, allowances, and taxes.

LineAggregate String False False False

An XML aggregate of the line items of a transaction.

TxnTaxDetail_TxnTaxCodeRef String False


False False

The transaction tax code.

TxnTaxDetail_TotalTax String False False False

The total tax calculated for the transaction, excluding any tax lines manually inserted into the transaction line list.

TxnTaxDetail_TaxLineAggregate String False False False

An XML aggregate of tax line items.

TotalAmt Decimal True False True

The total amount of the transaction. Calculated by QuickBooks business logic; any value you supply is over-written by QuickBooks.

CurrencyRef String False False False

The Id of the currency used in the transaction.

CurrencyRef_Name String True False False

The name of the currency used in the transaction.

ExchangeRate Decimal False False False

The currency exchange rate. This field is only valid if the company file uses the multicurrency feature. In QuickBooks, exchange rates are always recorded as the number of home currency units it takes to equal one foreign currency unit. This field is available in only the UK, AU, and CA editions.

TransactionLocationType String False False False

The account location. This field is valid in only the FR editions.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。WithinFrance, FranceOverseas, OutsideFranceWithEU, OutsideEU

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Build 23.0.8839