SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

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Returns order items based on the Amazon Order Id that you specify.


The component will use the Amazon Marketplace API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the component. OrderItems table supports server side filtering with = and IN operators for AmazonOrderId field. For example, the following query is processed server side:

SELECT * FROM OrderItems WHERE AmazonOrderId = '503-9993250-1405404'

SELECT * FROM OrderItems WHERE AmazonOrderId IN ('503-9993250-1405404', '503-9993250-1405404')


Name Type References Description
OrderItemId [KEY] String The item ID of the order.
AmazonOrderId String


The Amazon ID of the order.
ASIN String The ASIN Code.
SellerSKU String The SellerSKU.
BuyerCustomizedInfoCustomizedURL String The Buyer CustomizedURL.
Title String Title.
QuantityOrdered Integer The quantity of items ordered.
QuantityShipped Integer The quantity of items shipped.
GrantedPointsNumber Integer The Granted Points Number.
GrantedPointsMonetaryValueAmount Decimal The Granted Points Amount.
GrantedPointsMonetaryValueCurrencyCode String The Granted Points CurrencyCode.
NumberOfItems Integer The Number Of Items.
ItemPriceAmount Decimal The Item Price Amount.
ItemPriceCurrencyCode String The Item Price Currency Code.
ShippingPriceAmount Decimal The Shipping Price Amount.
ShippingPriceCurrencyCode String The Shipping Price Currency Code.
GiftWrapPriceAmount String The Gift Wrap Price Amount.
GiftWrapPriceCurrencyCode String The Gift Wrap Price Currency Code.
TaxCollectionName String The TaxCollection Name.
TaxCollectionValue String The TaxCollection Value.
ItemTaxAmount Decimal The Item Tax Amount.
ItemTaxCurrencyCode String The Item Tax Currency Code.
ShippingTaxAmount String The Shipping Tax Amount.
ShippingTaxCurrencyCode String The ShippingTax Currency Code.
GiftWrapTaxAmount Decimal The Gift Wrap Tax Amount.
GiftWrapTaxCurrencyCode String The Gift Wrap Tax Currency Code.
ShippingDiscountAmount String The Shipping Discount Amount.
ShippingDiscountCurrencyCode String The Shipping Discount Currency Code.
PromotionDiscountAmount Decimal The Promotion Discount Amount.
PromotionDiscountCurrencyCode String The Promotion Discount Currency Code.
PromotionIds String The IDs of Promotions.
CODFeeAmount Decimal The COD FeeAmount.
CODFeeCurrencyCode String The COD FeeCurrency Code.
CODFeeDiscountAmount String The COD FeeDiscount Amount.
CODFeeDiscountCurrencyCode String The COD FeeDiscount Currency Code.
IsGift Boolean Boolean specifying if the item is gift.
GiftMessageText String The Gift Message Text.
GiftWrapLevel String The Gift Wrap Level.
InvoiceDataInvoiceRequirement String The requirement of InvoiceData.
InvoiceDataBuyerSelectedInvoiceCategory String The selected categories of the InvoiceData.
InvoiceDataInvoiceTitle String The Title of the InvoiceData.
InvoiceDataInvoiceInformation String The Information of the InvoiceData.
ConditionNote String The Condition Note.
ConditionId String The Condition Id.
ConditionSubtypeId String The Condition Subtype Id.
ScheduledDeliveryStartDate Datetime The Scheduled Delivery StartDate.
ScheduledDeliveryEndDate Datetime The Scheduled Delivery EndDate.
PriceDesignation String The Price Designation.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
LastUpdateDate Datetime The last time the order is updated.

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Build 23.0.8839