SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

Build 23.0.8839


Returns orders created or updated during a time frame that you specify.


The component will use the Amazon Marketplace API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the component. For example, the following query is processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE AmazonOrderId = '249-7638334-8161403'

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE LastUpdateDate >= '2016-12-12'

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE PurchaseDate >= '2016-12-12'

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE PurchaseDate >= '2016-12-12' AND OrderStatus = 'Canceled'

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE PurchaseDate >= '2016-12-12' AND FulfillmentChannel = 'MFN'

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE PurchaseDate >= '2016-12-12' AND BuyerEmail = ''

SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE PurchaseDate >= '2016-12-12' AND PaymentMethod = 'Other'


Name Type References Description
AmazonOrderId [KEY] String The Amazon ID of the order.
SellerOrderId String The Seller ID of the order.
PurchaseDate Datetime The date of the purchase.
LastUpdateDate Datetime The last update date.
OrderStatus String Status of the order.
FulfillmentChannel String The Fulfillment Channel.
SalesChannel String The Sales Channel.
OrderChannel String The Order Channel.
ShipServiceLevel String The level of the Ship Service.
ShippingAddressName String The Shipping Address Name.
ShippingAddressAddressLine1 String The Shipping Address AddressLine.
ShippingAddressAddressLine2 String The Shipping Address AddressLine.
ShippingAddressAddressLine3 String The Shipping Address AddressLine.
ShippingAddressCity String The Shipping Address City.
ShippingAddressCountry String The Shipping Address Country.
ShippingAddressDistrict String The Shipping Address District.
ShippingAddressStateOrRegion String The Shipping Address State Or Region.
ShippingAddressPostalCode String The Shipping Address Postal Code.
ShippingAddressCountryCode String The Shipping Address Country Code.
ShippingAddressPhone String The Shipping Address Phone.
ShippingAddress_AddressType String The Shipping Address Type.
OrderTotalCurrencyCode String The Order Currency Code.
OrderTotalAmount Decimal The Order Amount.
NumberOfItemsShipped Integer The Number Of Items Shipped.
NumberOfItemsUnshipped Integer The Number Of Items Unshipped.
PaymentExecutionDetail String The Payment Execution Detail.
PaymentMethod String The Payment Method.
PaymentMethodDetail String The Details of payment method.
IsReplacementOrder Boolean Boolean specifying if it is a replacement order.
ReplacedOrderId String The Replaced OrderId.
MarketplaceId String The MarketplaceId.
BuyerEmail String The Buyer Email.
BuyerName String The Buyer Name.
BuyerCounty String The Buyer Country.
BuyerTaxInfo String The Buyer Tax Info.
ShipmentServiceLevelCategory String The Shipment Service Level Category.
ShippedByAmazonTFM Boolean The Shipped By Amazon TFM.
TFMShipmentStatus String The TFM Shipment Status.
CbaDisplayableShippingLabel String The Cba Displayable Shipping Label.
OrderType String The Type of Order.
EarliestShipDate Datetime The Earliest Ship Date.
LatestShipDate Datetime The Latest Ship Date.
EarliestDeliveryDate Datetime The Earliest Delivery Date.
LatestDeliveryDate Datetime The Latest Delivery Date.
IsBusinessOrder Boolean Boolean specifying if it is a Business Order.
IsIBA Boolean When true, the item within this order was bought and re-sold by Amazon Business EU SARL (ABEU).
PurchaseOrderNumber String The Purchase Order Number.
IsPrime Boolean Boolean specifying if it is a Prime Order.
IsPremiumOrder Boolean Boolean specifying if it is a Premium Order.

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Build 23.0.8839