SSIS Components for TSheets

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CData SSIS Components for TSheets ビュー

Name Description
CurrentTotalsReport Report for the current totals (shift and day) along with additional information provided for those who are currently on the clock.
Files This table contains a list of file objects.
GeneralSettings Retrieves a list of all effective settings associated with a single user.
GeofenceConfigs Retrieves a list of all geofence configs.
LastModifiedTimestamps Retrieves a list of last_modified timestamps associated with each requested API endpoint.
LocationMaps Retrieves a list of all locations maps associated with your company.
ManagedClients Retrieves a list of managed clients available from your account.
PayrollReport Payroll Report associated with a timeframe.
PayrollReportByJobCode Payroll Report broken down by jobcode
ProjectReport Retrieves a project report.
ScheduleCalendars Retrieves a list of schedule calendars associated with your employees or company.
UserPermissions The rights assignable to an individual user.

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Build 23.0.8839