SSIS Components for TSheets

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieves a list of all effective settings associated with a single user.

Table Specific Information


Query the GeneralSettings table. All the filters are executed client side within the 本製品.


Name Type Description
CalculateOvertime Boolean The CalculateOvertime setting.
ClockoutOverride Boolean The ClockoutOverride setting.
ClockoutOverrideHours Integer The ClockoutOverrideHours setting.
ClockoutOverrideNotifyAdmin Boolean The ClockoutOverrideNotifyAdmin setting.
ClockoutOverrideNotifyManager Boolean The ClockoutOverrideNotifyManager setting.
DailyDoubletime Integer The DailyDoubletime setting.
DailyOvertime Integer The DailyOvertime setting.
DailyRegularHours Integer The DailyRegularHours setting.
DateLocale String The DateLocale setting.
EmpPanel Boolean The EmpPanel setting.
EmpPanelMail String The EmpPanelMail setting.
EmpPanelPassword String The EmpPanelPassword setting.
EmployeePtoEntry Boolean The EmployeePtoEntry setting.
EnableTimesheetNotes String The EnableTimesheetNotes setting.
HideWorkingTime String The HideWorkingTime setting.
JcLabel String The JcLabel setting.
LunchDeduct Boolean The LunchDeduct setting.
LunchLength Boolean The LunchLength setting.
LunchThreshold Integer The LunchThreshold setting.
MaxCustomFieldItems Integer The MaxCustomFieldItems setting.
MaxJobCodes Integer The MaxJobCodes setting.
ParentClockinDisplay Integer The ParentClockinDisplay setting.
PayrollEndDate Date The PayrollEndDate setting.
PayrollFirstEndDay String The PayrollFirstEndDay setting.
PayrollLastEndDay String The PayrollLastEndDay setting.
PayrollMonthEndDay String The PayrollMonthEndDay setting.
PayrollType String The PayrollType setting.
PtoEntry Boolean The PtoEntry setting.
PtoOvertime Boolean The PtoOvertime setting.
SimpleClockin Boolean The SimpleClockin setting.
TimeFormat Integer The TimeFormat setting.
TimecardFields String The TimecardFields setting.
TimeclockLabel String The TimeclockLabel setting.
TimesheetEditNotesForAllUsers Boolean The TimesheetEditNotesForAllUsers setting.
TimesheetNotesNotifyAdmin Boolean The TimesheetNotesNotifyAdmin setting.
TimesheetNotesNotifyManagers Boolean The TimesheetNotesNotifyManagers setting.
TimesheetNotesRequired Boolean The TimesheetNotesRequired setting.
Timezone String The Timezone setting.
WeekStart String The WeekStart setting.
WeeklyRegularHours String The WeeklyRegularHours setting.
LastModified Datetime When the record was last modified.

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Build 23.0.8839