Power BI Connector for Microsoft Excel Online

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The 本製品 enables you to represent a top-left-oriented worksheet or a user-specified range as a database table.

Top-Left Oriented Worksheets

You can use the 本製品 to start working right away with top-left-oriented worksheets:
  • The table name for a top-left-oriented worksheet is the name of the worksheet.
  • By default the 本製品 will return all rows until the first empty row. Note: an empty row between data will prevent further data from being returned.
  • The first row of data in the worksheet can contain the column names. See カラム for more information.

User-Specified Ranges

Range notation is only available in a SELECT or UPDATE statement. Ranges are not supported for DELETE and INSERT commands.

You can execute SELECT or UPDATE commands against a given range with a reference in the following format: WORKSHEET#RANGE. You can also set the Tables property to assign a table name to a range.

For example, the following command will select the range of cells between A1 and E5:

SELECT * FROM Test_xlsx_Sheet1#A1:E5

Accessing shared documents as a database table

You can use the connection property ShowSharedDocuments to list shared excel workbooks as database tables. The tables will be listed along-side user owned workbooks.

Executing SQL to Worksheet Data

See the following to execute data manipulation SQL to worksheets and ranges:

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