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Build 23.0.8839

ExcelOnline データの更新

In UPDATE statements, you can specify the column names detected from a header row or specify the alphabetical column names in Microsoft Excel Online. You can also configure how the 本製品 parses the input values into Microsoft Excel Online cell formats.

Set the Header property to configure column names. The primary key is the row number; specify the primary key with the Id column. Set ValueInputOption to configure input parsing.

Updating with Headers

When the Header property is set to true, you update columns by specifying the detected column names.

UPDATE Customers SET Col1='value' WHERE Id=7

Updating without Headers

When the Header is set to false, provide the alphabetical column names:

UPDATE Customers SET H='value' WHERE Id=7

Updating Ranges

Set the columns corresponding to the range and specify the row number as the Id:

UPDATE [Customers#A15:C15] SET A='Ana Trujilo', B='Northwind, Inc.', C='100,000' WHERE Id='15'

Configuring Input Parsing

By default, the 本製品 parses all values you input in the SQL statement the same as if you entered the input in the Microsoft Excel Online UI. For example, strings may be converted to numbers, dates, etc.

To disable the parsing of input values, set ValueInputOption. Additionally, see 数式の使用 to configure formula evaluation.

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Build 23.0.8839